About Us

Silwad Mill

The story of the Silwad Mill began in the mid-seventies, and it is one of the oldest mills on the lands of Silwad, north of Ramallah.

Because of the location of the mill, it faced over the years many political obstacles that prevented its development, since our establishment, we have been partners for every farmer who digs in the rock to preserve the steadfastness of the olive tree on his land. Our journey began with the grandparents with the simplest capabilities, and with grandchildren at the beginning of the year (2000 AD) we developed our production lines, and in the year (2021 AD) we developed our machines and provided the latest technologies of the Milling, packaging and storage. In Silwad Mill we provide 100% natural and virgin Palestinian olive oil, through our contract with farmers to buy olives harvested from their lands to be pressed, packaged and sold in the Palestinian market, and exported to the whole world. Thus, we provide opportunities for the farmers of our beloved town Silwad to find a market for the oil of their trees.

As well, in Silwad Mill, we produce olive oil in six different sizes to be sold in the Palestinian market or exported to all over the world, in addition to the shipping service after olive milled outside the country provided by the mill. And recently, we are producing high quality Natural residue pressed olives